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ok this shit got way outta hand

Damn yung
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This is glorious and even thought it doesn’t fit in the range of all the paranormal & science, I MUST share

It works like this: You tell Kitestring that you’re in a dangerous place or situation, and give it a time frame of when to check in on you. If you don’t reply back when it checks your status, it’ll alert your emergency contacts with a custom message you set up.

It doesn’t require you to touch anything (like bSafe) or shake your phone (like Nirbhaya) to send the distress signal. Kitestring is smarter, because it doesn’t need an action to alert people, it needs inaction.


reblogging because this is seriously amazing.

For some reason I have been able to draw.

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Elephant Love Medley // Moulin Rouge!

We should be lovers, and that's a fact
Though nothing would keep us together
We could steal time.. Just for one day
We could be heroes,
Forever and ever